MagniLink Zip Premium HD


The new MagniLink Zip is an award winning, near and distant portable desktop video magnifier that’s easy to use, light in weight, and small in size.  With uncompromising, true-color image quality, and intuitive design, the Zip is the perfect combination of image quality, user friendliness and portability.

Please call 877-551-6658 for more options, including pricing for the X/Y table, battery, and HDMI/USB connection options.

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With the ability to enlarge objects on the desktop (near) or to look across a room (distant) the Zip does it all.  The control panel was designed according to the highest technology standards and with client feedback in mind.  The controls are intuitive, easy to learn, and maneuver.  For example, the knobs rotate with a steady feel, are simple to handle, and easily seen.

The camera comes in two versions – HD and the Full HD. The HD is suitable for most users but if you want the best imagine possible at minimum magnification, the Full HD is the clear choice.  It’s simply a stunning image.

The monitor comes in two sizes, 13.3″ or 17″ depending upon you needs.  It has brightly colored screen edges, an anti-glare surface, crystal-clear sharpness, high contrast, and a dimmer mode for light-sensitive users.  The screen is hi-definition and is easy to adjust by tilting it forward, backward, and for height.

The X/Y reading table is available on both models.  If transporting the Zip on a regular basis is likely, for instance to and from school, it’s best to go without the X/Y reading table and minimize the weight.  If the Zip will be used primarily in one location, the X/Y reading table is a useful addition.

For convenience, a battery with a running time of 5 to 9 hours is available.  The amount of run time depends on the light intensity chosen for the screen and lamp.

Whether you’re interested in the Zip with the 13″ monitor and no X/Y reading table that’s easily transported, or the Zip with the 17″ monitor and the X/Y reading table, you’ll receive years of enjoyment out of this state-of-the-art magnification system

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13" Full HD, 17" Full HD