Mercury 7 with Speech
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With the 7" Mercury Electronic Magnifier with OCR you get 2 fabulous devices in one. This 7 inch wide handheld Mercury handheld magnifier & OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a breakthrough in low vision technology. Hold it in your hand or extend the legs to rest it on whatever you wish to read or view. As an electronic magnifier, you can use its touch-based, illuminated 7" screen to have magnification up to 10X while in a live viewing mode or 30X while in OCR mode. Use touch-screen pinch action to zoom in and out. Then, switch from live magnification to Optical Character Recognition scanning with just one touch. In OCR mode, scan your reading material and then use the intuitive touch screen interface to navigate around the scanned page, and have your scanned material read back to you. The scanned material appears on the touch screen, where you can manipulate its size, colors, and reading position. Scanned documents can be saved and uploaded to your own computer.
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