Compact Touch HD
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Small, light, portable, HD touch screen with adjustable view modes and an interchangeable battery lasting up to 3 hours. The Compact Touch HD is the first of its kind to offer touchscreen technology. Unlike any other low vision aid, it allows you to stay connected by reading letters, newspapers or your favorite magazine! It is the first portable video magnifier with a touchscreen offers High Definition image quality, multiple reading and writing positions, and an easy-to-use, intuitive use. Simply adjust the magnification, select your preferred high contrast color, and pan through snapshots just by swiping your fingers across the 5-inch screen. Designed to use in a tilted position to move smoothly over reading materials or with its foldable handle to view objects close by and in the distance. Plus, connect it to an external monitor or TV for a bigger image, and enjoy it twice as long with the easily interchangeable, rechargeable battery.
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